...Porque naciste para triunfar

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Translated from the book "Habla con el Mejor, Porque el Mejor Eres Tu" (Talk to the Best, For the Best is You")

Let's start by knowing that if you are reading this book at this very moment it is because many days ago, on a determined moment, a part of you was the protagonist of a race, of a marvelous competition in which more than four thousand million of other individuals with capacities and talents were at the same height as yours.  All of them competed under the same circumstances, the road was equally rugged and insecure.  The distance was as exhaustive for all of them as for that part of you; many of them, weak, were abandoned along the way, others, cowards, did not even dare; but the great majority, strong, vigorous and willing to fight, gave that part of you the most arduous battle that it had ever had, for they also, just like you, were fighting for the noblest laurel that any element of Creation could aspire: Life.